What To Expect
During Your Renovation

Renovations, by their very nature, begin optimistically. You start with glorious visions of enhanced living space, perfect “kitchen triangles”, spa-like bathrooms and greater storage capabilities. It is this optimism that helps guide you through the more unpleasant aspects of the renovation process such as the expense, the noise and the mess.

All home improvement projects have a less pleasant side.

Costs can inflate, the craftsmanship can be sub-par and sometimes, the work doesn’t even get done. So here are a few things to keep in mind before you pick up a sledgehammer (or the phone to call us).

Expect Some Delays

Factory delays, rain and snow, the unforeseen or unexpected happen. Schedules are often written assuming the world is a perfect place—it is not—so keep a little wiggle-room in your expectations because, as they say, things happen.

While we’re happy to take responsibility for any screw-ups on our end, it’s important to remember the other companies in the supply chain. We also have to deal with manufacturers as well as supplies that sometimes arrived damaged and need to be sent back. Often if the supply is disrupted it can throw our trades schedule off too, so it’s just important to keep this in mind before you start the project.

  • Dealing with the manufacturer
  • Supplies sometimes arrive damaged
  • Trouble scheduling tradesmen

Expect Some Dust

Some jobs are worse than others and we work diligently to avoid the unnecessary. Sadly, dust comes with the territory. Thankfully, there are zip walls and other ways to keep the dust under control.

Typically we try to keep the dust contained to the are we’re working in so if there is dust it hopefully won’t be very much. We also clean our work are thoroughly and vacuum up any debris that can cause dust in the air.

  • Use zip walls and drop sheets
  • Keep dust to a minimum
  • Clean the area every day after work each day

Expect Some Noise

Sawing, banging, sanding, thumping and barking air compressors are just an unfortunate reality when it comes to home renovations. We try to keep the noise to a minimum, but it’s important to be prepared.

We only work during regular business hours on weekdays so it’s not like there’s going to be work 24/7 (though it might feel like it!) It’s also important to remember to be respectful to your neighbours. Especially when it comes to suburban areas where houses are close together. Send them a “Sorry In Advance” not and maybe a Tim Horton’s gift card as a peace offering.

  • Keep noise limited to business hours
  • Most noise is limited to the work area
  • Give neighbours a heads-up

Expects Some Highs and Lows

Finally gutting that tiny kitchen you’ve always hated will be very satisfying. Unfortunately living without a kitchen or bathroom (or house) for a few weeks can be painful and stressful. Reno fatigue will kick in at some point, the trick is to imagine the day it’s all over and your new kitchen will make it all worth it.

Keep your eyes on the prize and remember that “this too shall pass”. There will many years in the future where you’ll be able to look around your creation and say to yourself, “it was hard, but it was worth it.”

  • Reno fatigue isn’t unusual
  • “Focus on the finish line”

Expect the Unexpected

Older homes seem to have a mind of their own. It isn’t uncommon to start demoing, only to find bad framing, bad wiring or bad plumbing. The trick is to take it all in stride, we’ll do our best to keep the unexpected to a minimum. However, it’s important to remember that it happens and to be prepared.

And while we try to cover all the bases during the preparation process, the fact is, clients sometimes change their minds. So when minds get changed it can throw the whole schedule off.

  • Older houses often contain “surprises”
  • Expect the best, but plan plans to change
  • People change their mind

Expect Some Decisions

As the process unfolds, expects many, many little (and big decisions will have to be made. One of our jobs is to give you the best options so you can make the best choice decision possible.

We’ll keep you involved in every part of the decision making process. This is a custom renovation so the emphasis throughout job is on you and what you want. We like to think of this as a partnership where we work together as a team.

  • Include you in every decision
  • This is a CUSTOM renovation it’s all about YOU.
  • Work together as a team

Expect Some Stress

Decisions, delays and money have the ability to wear even the most prepared folks down. If you have a problem, let us know immediately, we’ll do our best to address it as soon as human.

The trick to any home renovation project is to start your “work” long before you pick up a hammer. The key here is preparation, preparation, preparation. We really put a lot of pride into our process that seeks to mitigate any potential stresses along the way.

  • Expect some stressful decisions and delays
  • Start preparing long before you start work

Remember to be open and honest. If you have a problem, let us know. Things happen and we want to deal with problems as they arise.

Many people go into a renovation with the right frame of mind, but as the project drags on due to delay, or indecision, stress starts to seep in. It is also important to remember when NOT to renovation, such as if you’re expecting a baby or any other major life activity that will cause even more stress.