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“I need my house painted on time,

but I can’t do it myself”

Master Painting provides you with a labour force of highly skilled painters, expert advice on materials, and professional craftsmanship.

You won’t have to worry about being held hostage by contractors who do not understand your needs. Master Painting jobs are done efficiently AND at an affordable price point!

“If your renovation project exceeds our final quote, we’ll cover the extra cost.”

Dave Waldner, Founder



Work Around Permanent Elements

First, think about the neighbourhood; perhaps aim somewhere between blending in harmoniously and not sticking out like a sore thumb.

Also think about parts of the house that probably won’t change, such as brickwork and roofing material.

Consider The Architecture

Whether it’s a renovated farmhouse or a Westcoast special, it’s important to keep in mind that the colour choice should be contingent on the style of house you live in.

If you live in a heritage home and want to get really serious, you can get historically accurate paint colours.


Take Your

You’ll be looking at the final product for years, so make sure you take your time, consult a professional decorator and make sure you’re making a decision you can live with for a while.

Consider The Goal

What is the overall effect that you’re trying to achieve? As we already mentioned, you’ll want to consider the style of neighbourhood you’re in, but also if your house is set back in acreage, a brighter colour might work better.

However, if the house is closer to the street, a darker colour can have a receding effect.

3 Different Paint Shades

This is a pretty standard rule of thumb for exterior paint. Pick a field colour (dominant), accent colour and trim colour.

Typically the trim colour will contrast strongly with the field colour, and the accent colour is often used on doors and shutters and will help draw out smaller areas of the exterior.

Exterior Painting IN ABBOTSFORD


We have a large crew of painters, so we can get in and get out as quickly as possible. All we need is your possession date or when you’re going to list your house after getting exterior painting in Chilliwack so we can get it ready in time.

Our experienced crew will get most jobs done in 1-3 days, depending on the size of the house. (If it’s over 2000 square ft. it can take more time.) The point is, with enough notice and preparation, we can get the job professionally done in a timely manner.



Choosing the right paint and matching the right colour to the proper surfaces is the first step in preparing your paint job.

Based on the final look you’re trying to achieve, the right finish will also need to be selected.



Based on the condition of the home it may need to be pressure washed and all dirt and debris removed from the surface.



Before painting the surface of the wall must be cleaned, dried, and a coat of primer applied. Also, holes and cracks in the walls are filled, stains sealed, and surfaces are scuff sanded.



Premium quality paint is applied to a uniform finish. We work from the top of the house to the bottom (to avoid streaking), followed by trim and doors.



One way we avoid an unnecessary mess is by ordering the right amount of paint. After the painting is finished, we remove all tools, ladders and drop clothes and make sure the work area is tidy before leaving.



After our own inspection, you are invited to inspect our work and asked to complete the feedback card for the crew.

Why Let An Expert

Paint Your Home?

How many horror stories have you heard in your life of someone getting up on a ladder or falling off the roof because they didn’t do it properly, or weren’t tied down? We’re fully insured and our crews operate at the highest level of safety.

Let’s face it, you’re just not going to get the same quality finish and you won’t get it completed in the same amount of time.

At the end of the day, having professionals take care of your exterior painting (who do this as a career) will typically save money in the long run. Getting the right people to do the job with the right equipment – is never a bad idea.

It’s an obvious one, but I’ll repeat it once more; hiring professionals to do your exterior painting in Chilliwack or Abbotsford will get you a professional result. With Master Painting, you get 3 decades of experience that cannot be duplicated if you DIY.