Trim Painting

Increase Value. Decrease Stress.

Trim Painting

Increase Value.
Decrease Stress.

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Trim Painting

"How do I get a professional look without all the hassle?"

There are many reasons to consider re-painting the trim in your house. Over time, cracks and nicks will begin to appear, and it may start to fade and look dated. You may want to update the colour to something bolder, or you may want a quick and easy refresh if you are looking to put your home on the market.

Trim comes in all shapes and sizes and styles, from the ornate to the simple. Often more attention is paid to the wall colour when it comes to house painting. However, a great many decorative possibilities exist when it comes to trim, and a well-chosen colour can have a lasting impression.

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Why Should Master Painting Paint My Trim?

When painting the trim yourself, there will be a lot of mess & fuss.

The first thing we do is go to your house and measure the trim to see what material is needed. Then we’ll show you profile samples for you to decide on, after which we’ll order on your behalf.

Once we have the trim in the shop, we’ll pre-spray it with a primer. After the primer has cured, our HVLP spray machine gives it a gorgeous, high-velocity, low output finish.

It’s the most excellent finish you’ll ever see.

After painting the trim is complete, our finishing carpenter will professionally install it.