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Commercial Renovations

Complete Commercial Renovations Services

Transform your out-dated commercial building into something modern and new.

We’ll take a seemingly complex problem such as adding a shower for an active CEO or upgrading a forty-year-old office space and deliver a cost-effective solution in a timely manner. Our full-service general contracting includes everything from demolition and general carpentry to commercial electrical and plumbing.

We Specialize in the Following:

  • Doctor’s office
  • Dentist’s office
  • Car dealerships
  • Furniture stores
  • Office Buildings

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Commercial Renovation Chilliwack Abbotsford Kitchen Reno
Chilliwack Lions Club Kitchen - Before
Chilliwack Reno Contractor Abbotsford Commercial Renovations
Chilliwack Lions Club Kitchen - After
Chilliwack Commercial Renovation Contractor
Chilliwack Lions Club Bathroom - Before
Abbotsford Commercial Renovation Contractor
Chilliwack Lions Club Bathroom - After

Top Commercial Trends of 2018

(That We Do!)

An Inviting Business,
Will Attract More Customers

Whether you want to pique the curiosity of window shoppers or catch the eye of someone driving by, a visually pleasing business will attract people in and invite them to stay.

Reduce the Energy Costs
Associated With Running a Business

The ever-expanding “green market” is cutting energy costs year-by-year. Since these costs can be as high as 50% of your monthly expenditures, upgrading to more efficient power and lighting is a no-brainer.

Improve Your Employees
Work Performance

The people who work for you spend almost 1/3 of their time helping you grow your business. It makes sense to create an environment that will help them to flourish.

Optimize Your Workspace
Layout For Maximum Productivity

Create more efficient use of space and you’ll create more time for everyone to produce. By creating a workplace that inspires, you’ll attract top talent that will help your business soar.

What if your contractor
could read your mind?

Why Renovate
Your Business

The top reasons for renovating your office or commercial space is to attract new customers, reboot your brand and because it’s just plain outdated and you need an upgrade. You may also wish to increase your building’s energy efficiency, improve employee performance (by making a more inspiring work environment) or because you want to create a more efficient use of space.

  1. Create more space
  2. Change the layout to accommodate upgrades
  3. Make the space your own
  4. Better Energy Cost
  5. Easier To Clean
  6. Outdated
  7. Change colours
  8. Rebranding
  9. Change of business
  10. Upgrade facilities (bathrooms, etc.)

A Fantastic Finish

Commercial Renovation Services:

  • Demolition
  • General carpentry
  • Masonry
  • Millwork
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Alarms
  • Drywall
  • Painting
  • T-bar ceilings
  • Finish work includes: flooring, ceramic tile, bathroom accessories, painting, signage

Case Study

Grand Pappy’s Home Furniture and Appliance

Having opened their doors in 1977 Grand Pappy’s Furniture has become something of a Chilliwack institution. However, it had been a long time since any work had been done the retail area was pretty outdated. The rooms had long been outgrown, the panelling was old and falling apart, the colours were dated, and the overall space needed some freshening up.

The Problems

  • Rooms too small
  • Panelling old and dated
  • Unwelcoming colour and design for customers
  • Hadn’t been upgraded since the 80’s (yes, it was that old!)

The Solutions

The first thing they asked when we went for a quote was, “when can you get started?” It’s especially understandable when you’re trying to renovate and run a business, but we put a great plan together and trusted our process to get the job done. First, we gutted it down to the concrete and painted the ceiling black. Then we re-insulated all the walls, drywall and repainted everything for a nice, classy finish.

  • Demolished it down to the concrete
  • Painted the ceiling black
  • Re-insulated all of the walls properly
  • Drywalled
  • All new millwork
  • Painted, made everything look great.