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The Heartbeat

Of Your Home

Where your family convenes for supper, to entertain, for paperwork and homework and all points in between.

The kitchen is the most used room in the house; therefore it’s essential it be accommodating for the whole family.

Storage systems, sensible work area design, smart layout, efficient appliances—your goal is functionality with an aesthetic flourish. By combining taste and practicality, you can never go wrong with a kitchen renovation in Abbotsford..

“If your renovation project exceeds our final quote, we’ll cover the extra cost.”

Dave Waldner, Founder

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Chilliwack Kitchen Renovation

Case Study

Project Overview

Holly’s kitchen was badly outdated.

It didn’t match the contemporary look of the rest of the house and years of use while raising kids had taken a toll on the overall appearance of the space.

Her biggest issues were that the older layout was too small and boxed in, which separated the cooking area from the rest of the dining room.

Chilliwack Kitchen Renovation - Before

The Problems

The Solutions

Chilliwack Kitchen Renovation Before Master Painting and Renovations Chilliwack Kitchen Renovation Contractor Interior House Painting Abbotsford

“Exemplary is the word that comes to mind.

They always checked with me before starting work and if I had any concerns, they addressed them immediately and without hesitation in anyway.”

~ Holly, Chilliwack Kitchen Renovation 2017


Questions Answered
Can I Still Cook In My Kitchen?

At this point, we’re doing our very best once we take a kitchen out to put a temporary sink in and leave the stove in place.

However, it’s not always possible, especially if we’re changing locations, moving gas lines, moving electrical etc.

It might not be possible to use the kitchen for as long as a week depending on the project.

You may have an RV you can cook in or if it’s in the summer, there is always the option of using the BBQ.

“How much will my kitchen renovation IN CHILLIWACK cost?”

Kitchen renovations typically started in the $50,000-$65,000 range and can go up to $250,000-$350,000.

“How far ahead should I plan my kitchen renovation?”

Kitchen renovation planning typically starts 8 weeks before we get boots on the ground.

Before our arrival, to begin a kitchen renovation, we ask that you clean your cabinets, clean out all of your drawers, and remove all your personal belongings.

Once that demo team shows up, everything will be removed (that needs to be) by the end of the first day.

“What kitchen feature is the biggest investment?"

The first step to a kitchen renovation is making the phone call, or going online and getting a hold of us and having me come out for an estimate.

“Does my kitchen need a backsplash?”

Backsplashes, I would say, are a must. As you’re cooking and washing food, water and other types of mess will splash up against your back wall.

Backsplashes make it very easy to clean and very easy to maintain.

Regarding design, it just really completes the space between the countertop and the wall.

“Are there parts of the kitchen you don’t renovate?”

We’ll renovate every aspect of your kitchen. We will tear out the entire kitchen, right to the studs, and put them back together again brand-new.

We can also incorporate, to be environmentally friendly, parts of your old kitchen if needed and if they’re in good enough condition to use.

“Do you do smart kitchens?”

I would say that the smartest features of a kitchen that we offer these days are like a full LED lighting upgrade.

Touch faucets so they’re just battery-operated. You touch them, and the water turns on to whatever temperature you want.

Lots of LEDs nowadays which are very low energy in consumption and a lot of light, definitely a lot of light!

“Will someone help me design my kitchen?"

Yes! We have a designer in place to help you design your kitchen. The biggest thing to keep in mind is the fluctuation in the cost of the material.

If you’ve set a budget, you need to keep this in mind while choosing materials.