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Bathroom Renovations

Add A Splash Of Luxury To Your Life

Start your bathroom renovations with visions of tranquillity and wellness in mind.

With that, bathrooms still need to be functional, with adequate space and a well-planned storage system, a shower and tub set-up that mirrors your needs, and an environment where you can prepare for a night on the town or a relaxing atmosphere you can spend the night in.

Design, plan and build a bathroom where you can relax, breath easy and prepare to take life as it comes.

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Top Bathroom
Trends of 2022

(That We Do!)

Brass and Gold

The perfect compliment for lighter paint colours, brass and gold plumbing fixtures adding the perfect amount of luxury, depth and dimension to any space.

Chilliwack Bathroom Renovations Contractor Abbotsford
Abbotsford Chilliwack Bathroom Renovations Contractor


Create a feeling of luxury and relaxation by using original fixtures and creative lighting techniques. Light bars, walls sconces and pendants can all make a stunning addition.


Add some drama to your bathroom with tile accents to make a gorgeous impact on the shower, sink, wall or backsplash.


Like in the kitchen, colour palettes darker in tone are making a come back, this includes, matte black plumbing fixtures, dark tile flooring as well as accent walls.

Small Is
The New Big

The key is to make efficient use of every square inch. Smaller, uniquely designed sinks and toilets pair nicely with a space-saving walk-in shower.

Chilliwack Bathroom Renovation Contractor Master Painting & Renovations Abbotsford

What if your contractor
could read your mind?

  • We work with your budget
  • All material is chosen and ordered before your project starts
  • One-year warranty on all materials provided by Master Painting & Renovations
  • Highly trained, clean, professional work crews

A Fantastic Finish

Bathroom Renovation Services:

  • Bathroom and tub surrounds
  • Shower seats
  • Speciality showers (regular, tile surround or glass)
  • Body sprayers
  • Linear drains
  • Wall niches
  • Supports
  • Handles and railings for accessibility issues (i.e. wheelchair)
  • Toilets, faucets and sinks
  • Countertops and cabinets
  • Backsplash and tile
  • Ventilation and fans (so many people don’t have proper fans!)
  • Storage systems
  • Repaint existing cabinets
  • Lighting (general, specific and decorative)
  • Convenient plugs and outlets
  • Pot lights
  • Moisture damage and deteriorated finishes
  • Drainage installations and repairs
  • Flooring
  • Fixture installation
  • Insulation and soundproofing
  • Flooring (ceramic, vinyl, stone, and slate)
  • Cabinetry
  • Molding and millwork
  • Windows and doors
  • Glass walls and doors

and Planning

A place to pamper, a place to retreat: boost the vitality of your bathroom with an array of solutions. It is vital to plan every last possible detail to make the most of your functional space and also to boost your investment in the long-run.

Before we start planning, it’s important to think about your household’s lifestyle and how your renovation will satisfy everyone’s needs.

Is the bathroom for adults, children or both? This will help you decide what storage and fixtures that are needed. Perhaps someone in the household has mobility issues, so specialized equipment and handles need to be added for safety and comfort.

Why Renovate Your Bathroom?

  • Upgrade comfort level of your home
  • Create more functional space
  • Increase storage space
  • Update and personalize
  • Design a bathroom around your life (not the other way around!)
  • Making it more tranquil, better experience, making it spa-like
  • Improve your investment
  • A place to relax, have a bath, trendy
  • Lot’s of times we find rot, mildew, water damage (bad for health)
  • More space, roomier
  • Change lights to LED (helps with cost)
  • More pleasing for buyers
  • A personal touch, a place to relax

Case Study


Darren’s bathroom was outdated and was badly in need of a facelift. The shower was way too small for her household needs, there was only a single sink and vanity, and there was nowhere to store her linens.

“I’ve built several houses and I’ve had issues with not meeting expectations and not meeting timelines and I never had those problems with Master Painting.” – Daren, Renovation 2018

The Problems

  • Outdated bathroom
  • Shower was too small
  • Single vanity and single sink
  • No linen closet

The Solutions

The first thing we did was demo the entire bathroom, pushed out a wall and made it bigger. We upgraded all the plumbing and electrical. They where in terrible shape and brought everything up to code. We added a double vanity and a large, new walk-in shower with trackless doors.

  • Demoed it
  • Enlarged the space by 25%
  • Redid plumbing and electrical
  • Brought up to code
  • Double vanity
  • Big new walk-in shower
  • Trackless doors