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Cabinet Painting

Painting your cabinet doors is a fifth of the cost of replacing the entire unit, and you won’t have to throw away perfectly reusable material. It’s a win-win situation—save money and do a little conservation on the side.

Our highly specialized, cabinet repainting technique is the perfect solution for renovation budget problems. The machines (either the HVLP or Air Assisted Airless) provide a factory-like finish that will breath new life into an old kitchen or bathroom.

Services Summary

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Living room and custom cabinetry
  • Banisters

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The Cabinet Painting

1. Take off all the doors and drawer fronts
2. Sand and prime the bodies
3. Take doors and drawers back to shop
4. Sand and prime them
5. Paint first coat of bodies at house
6. Spraying finish coats at the shop
7. Finish coat on bodies
8. Bring all part and pieces back from shop and install once cured
9. Now you have like-new cabinets.

“Why Should
Master Painting
Repaint My Cabinets?”

We have a spray shop! So right off the bat, there’s going to be a lot less mess to fuss over.

Once we have the cabinet doors in the shop we’ll pre-spray it with a primer. After our HVLP spray machine will give it a gorgeous high-velocity, low output, finish.

It’s the nicest finish you’ll ever see.

After the cupboards are painted we’ll have our cabinet team install them. Our guys have the right tools and the right experience to get the job done!

The Benefits
of Repainting Cabinets Doors

  • A fifth of the cost of replacement
  • Reuse material that would otherwise get thrown away
  • Revitalize an outdate design
  • Save time by not designing and building new cabinets

The Possibilities
of Repainting Your Cabinet Doors

Budget Conscious

Instead of spending ten’s of thousands of dollars on designing and installing brand-new cabinets, consider reusing perfectly good material and just giving them a facelift.

Add Some Colour To Your Kitchen

There are a lot of old oak cabinets build back in the early-90s still out there, just waiting for new life and a splash of colour.

Eliminate Disruption

We’ll also cut down on the mess, by removing all doors and fixtures and taking them to our spray shop for painting. Afterward, our team will professionally reinstall them so that every detail is considered and accounted for.

Machine Spray Systems

The HVLP and Air Assisted Airless painting systems will provide an unparalleled coating finish that will rival any factory finish.