I just removed 2 rooms worth of wood panelling and all I could think was "Who thought this was a good idea?"

I was already losing hope but thanks to Master Painting who helped me achieve the dream and timeless home that I've always dreamed of.

Elaine • Home Renovation 2018

Improper housewrap is totally a trend with most builders. But not with Master Painting, a company that over delivered and exceeded my expectations.

Crews came on time and stayed until the job was complete. My house looks better than I imagined.

Anna • Kitchen Renovation 2017

Hey, Dave here.

Here’s the brutal truth about home renovations

Home renovations can be a tough nut to crack, especially when it comes to striking the perfect balance between modern trends and timeless appeal. 

Most homeowners copy some home design on Pinterest thinking those ideas will be attractive forever.

Years later, they regret that they chose a flashy design over something that was timeless.

What’s the difference between something flashy, and something timeless anyways? 

To save you the disappointment of spending $50,000 on a renovation that’s obsolete tomorrow, read these five current trends in homes that people will regret in 5 years.