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Kitchen Renovations

They Call It The Heart Of The Home

Where your family convenes for supper, to entertain, for paperwork and homework and all points in between.

The kitchen is the most used room in the house; therefore it’s essential it be accommodating for the whole family.

Storage systems, sensible work area design, smart layout, efficient appliances—your goal is functionality with an aesthetic flourish. By combining taste and practicality, you can never go wrong.

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Top Kitchen Renovation Trends of 2022

(That We Do!)

Stainless Steel
Hood Range

For maximum ventilation and easy to clean; contain odor, smoke, heat and humidity at the source.

Kitchen Renovations stove Master Painting
Kitchen Renovations Master Painting countertops


Easy to maintain and antimicrobial, quartz is super hardy and virtually last forever.

Storage Solutions

Appliance garages for small appliance, dividers, trays, pull-outs, roll-outs, and caddies will help efficiently organize your space.

Master Painting and Renovations Kitchen Renovation Interior Painting
Kitchen Renovations Master Painting Multicoloured Cabinets


While white is still popular in kitchens, accenting with darker shads is a growing trend.

Kitchen Island

Now the focal point and hub of the kitchen, the island also serves as a dining, storage and food preparation area.

Kitchen Renovations Dining Table Master Painting
Master Painting Smart Kitchen Renovations


From faucet to fridge to lighting – transform your kitchen into the smartest room in the house.


Turn your pantry into a minor work of art with transparent storage, access everything with an easy to reach layout, enjoy a clutter-free space.

Kitchen Renovations Pantry Master Painting

What if your contractor
could read your mind?

  • Our projects never go over budget
  • All schedules are written out and signed-off by you before work starts
  • One-year warranty on all materials provided by Master Painting & Renovations
  • Highly trained, clean, professional work crews

A Fantastic Finish

Kitchen Renovation Services:

  • Faucets and sinks
  • Countertops and cabinets B
  • Backsplash and tile
  • Ventilation and fans
  • Storage systems
  • Custom space for appliances
  • Repaint existing cabinets
  • Lighting (general, specific and decorative)
  • Convenient plugs and outlets
  • Pot lights and pendulums
  • Under cabinet lights
  • Multiple flooring options
  • Molding and millwork
  • Plumbing, sinks, tap sets

and Planning

When it comes to reigniting the soul of your home, the solutions are boundless. It is vital to plan every last possible detail to make the most of your functional space and also to boost your investment in the long-run.

Before we start planning, it’s important to think about your household’s lifestyle and how your renovation will satisfy everyone’s needs.

Are you active and always on the go? Are you homebodies who enjoy entertaining in the privacy of your house? Don’t forget size and age. A family with young children will probably require a different layout than a retired couple with an amateur chef in the mix.

Can’t Stand Your Current Kitchen Layout?

Multiple reasons exist for remodelling the kitchen.

  • Perhaps you recently purchased the house and you can’t stand the old design.
  • Maybe you’ve been saving for a while, and you’re finally ready to pull the trigger.
  • Perhaps your planning to sell in a few years and a kitchen facelift will boost the resale value.

One of the main reasons people choose to renovate is because they’ve finally had enough!

  • Improve your investment
  • More practical layout
  • More efficient work area
  • Upgrade comfort level
  • Create more functional space
  • Increase storage space
  • Update and personalize
  • Build your whole home around you
  • Open up your floor space
  • Better suit your priorities (more dinner parties!)
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Easier to clean
Residential Showcase

Quartz Countertops

Rare solid black quartz

Push-Pop-Open Cabinets

Soft-closing, high gloss doors

Undermount Sink

Black granite sink

LED Pot-lights

Dimmer option & energy efficient

Classic Crown Moulding

Porcelain Backsplash

With metal and glass accents

Modern Faucet

European design

Upgraded Electrical

Dedicated Circuits For Blender, Microwave, & Fridge

Pendulum Lighting

Stylish LED lighting for energy efficiency

Case Study


Holly’s kitchen was badly outdated. It didn’t match the contemporary look of the rest of the house and years of use had taken a toll on the overall appearance of the space.

Her biggest issues were the older model was too small and boxed in, which separated the cooking area from the rest of the dining room.

The Problems

  • Kitchen was outdated
  • Closed off from the dining area
  • Impractical design
  • Dents and damage from years of use
  • Wasn’t the look and style
  • Top mount sink
  • Laminate counter top
  • Inefficient lighting
  • Old, badly placed outlets

The Solutions

The first thing we did was gut the entire kitchen and remove a wall to create an open concept. We wired dedicated circuits for blender, microwave and fridge so the breaker wouldn’t blow if using more than one application.

  • Made it open concept and connected dining and working area
  • Moved the fridge, microwave
  • Opened up an entire wall
  • Update the design, changed doors from old wooded door to premium painted glass melamine with pushpop open
  • Quartze countertop
  • Changed to an undermount sink
  • LED lighting
  • Wired dedicated circuits for blender, microwave and fridge so breaker wouldn’t blow if using more than one appliance.
  • High-end tile backsplash



Top Kitchen FAQs

“Can I still cook in my kitchen?”

At this point, we’re doing our very best once we take a kitchen out to put a temporary sink in and leave the stove in place.

However, it’s not always possible, especially if we’re changing locations, moving gas lines, moving electrical etc.

It might not be possible to use the kitchen for as long as a week depending on the project.

You may have an RV you can cook in or if it’s in the summer, there is always the option of using the BBQ.

“How much will my kitchen renovation cost?”

Kitchen renovations typically started in the $30,000-$35,000 range and can go up to $100,000-$150,000.